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Ian Ferguson

Leadership Coach

Ian is a first class coach. His energy and positivity are infectious and he is able to use his extensive leadership experience to apply healthy provocation and challenge to help individuals crystalise personal action plans and understand core strengths. I would strongly endorse Ian to others.


Leaders drive growth. Growth of their own and their team’s capability. Improved capability drives sustainable organisational growth.

Is your business growing as strongly and sustainably as it could or needs to? Is your culture as vibrant, innovative and energetic as it could be? Are your people and business more capable this year than last year?

Do your people have a spring in their step? Are they driven, enthusiastic, full of initiative and creative? If the answer to any of these is no, you need to work on your leadership capability. If you want to grow your business, first grow your people. If you want to grow your people, first grow your leaders.

Purpose. People. Pace.

A good leader must have integrity and strong personal values.
After that, there are three fundamental things a good leader must do. These are the 3 P's:





They must have a total obsession on the CUSTOMER. They focus on what COULD be and not on what can be, which in turn creates an exciting, hope filled vision of the future and a journey people want to go on. They inspire positivity about WHY and WHAT we might be able to achieve.


They create the right organisational structure and fill it with the type of people who buy in to the vision and have the right behaviours and skills to deliver it. They COACH them and focus on helping them achieve more than they think they are capable of, letting them decide how the vision is best delivered. Leaders address underperformance and constantly reshape the team delivering 50% encouragement and 50% challenge in every conversation.


They fill the culture with energy and a relentless discontent with pace, DEMANDING delivery and agile approaches. They are ENGAGINGLY ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATORS influencing all stakeholders to support and remove barriers for the team. They SIMPLIFY everywhere.


Too many leaders are no more than technical instructors or organisers of HOW people do their work. Our definition of a good leader is someone who INSPIRES people to ASPIRE to a common purpose. This is a much higher bar and requires leaders to trust their team, to enable, empower, enthuse and engage them.

A challenging one to many leadership session for Leadership Teams. This is designed to make the team think individually and collectively about their leadership. The aim is to create a small number of individual and team level actions to drive significant change and organisational capability.

One to one coaching to enable senior individuals to improve their own leadership capability. This always starts with ensuring the individual is aware of and balanced in the key aspects of their personal life before tackling their organisation responsibilities, encouraging people to lead themselves well before trying to lead others.


Ian has held senior director roles over many years and been a board member of several industry, public and charitable companies. His last role had a budget of £1bn and involved working with over 500 people spread across the UK.

Ian has experience of leading major B2B sales, running large centralised sales and service operations, managing major transformation, insurance underwriting and launching digital initiatives and sales platforms.

His passion is in leading and coaching teams to achieve more than they think they are capable of, and to grow theirs and the business’ capability. Ian is an ACII Chartered Insurer, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and also a qualified and certified Executive Coach.


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Being coached by Ian is a privilege. He mixes experience and knowledge with energy and passion to create an inspirational experience.

I found the leadership session extremely useful, I took more away from this than all the other leadership sessions I’ve participated in.

Course content was brilliant, not just for me thinking about how I lead but how I behave with those who lead me.