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Time to Lead

Big Rocks

The metaphor of life's "big rocks" and how they fit into a jar is well known, first being used by Stephen Covey in his bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Even if you are aware of the concept it's worth stopping and refreshing your memory. It is possibly the most profound concept in time management you will encounter: identify what is most important and prioritise it.

The Eisenhower Matrix

Having appreciated the necessity of prioritising the important the pertinent question then becomes identifying what is and what is not.

Our personal preferred method is the Eisenhower Matrix. As both the 34th president of the United States and Supreme Commander of the allied forces during World War Two, Dwight Eisenhower spent a lifetime making tough decisions and developed the matrix as a means to differentiate between what is urgent and what is important.

Owning Your Diary

If you are struggling at work we recommend unequivocally that before you do anything else you make time for time management. Below is a link to our Time to Lead material, supplementary to Section 2 of the Growth Leaders program. The presentation is password protected and available to those on the program. It is an expansion on the techniques mentioned there as well as a full explanation of The 7 Steps you should take to ensure you are making time for the crucial work that matters.

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